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College Station, Texas
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This position is for an experienced laboratory technician. Position is full-time in our IVF lab performing all responsibilities and duties associated with in vitro production (IVP) of bovine and small ruminant embryos. Candidates with training in only one area of the IVP process will be trained in other areas on site. Due to the nature of IVF work, alternating weekend, holiday, and some early mornings and late nights will be required. However, these duties are shared among all laboratory personnel and there may be some flexibility in weekend/holiday scheduling. Position reports to the IVF Lab Supervisor and/or Manager. Job Responsibilities: • Assist in data entry • Basic laboratory chores such as cleaning and stocking inventory • Maintain semen and embryo inventory • Follow established SOPs • Prepare, verify, and maintain accurate production reports • Develop an understanding of all laboratory and data entry procedures • Perform all procedures of the IVF process (fertilization, culture, freezing, fresh transfer) • Mature and evaluate oocytes • Analyze and prepare semen for fertilization • Evaluate and prepare embryos for transfer or cryopreservation • Follow established SOPs • Prepare media and culture plates or vials • Manage oocyte and embryo shipments • Report errors immediately • Ensure accuracy of data entry • Work as a team player at all times
Education and Qualifications/Skills Requirements: • Bachelor’s degree in Animal Sciences, Biology, or related field preferred • 1 year experience with basic laboratory skills (pipetting, microscopy, centrifugation, etc) • 1 year with experience in either IVF, oocyte, or embryo work • Very strong attention to detail • Ability to work at a microscope for long periods of time • Excellent organization and time management skills • Basic computer skills (MS Word, MS Excel, email) required • Effective communication skills through various means (phone, text, group chat, email) • Flexible working hours with potential for long and fast-paced days (over 8 hour shifts)
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Helen Mosley
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