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Stiles Farm, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension
Thrall, Texas
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Farm Background The Stiles Farm Foundation is a 2,716 acre farm located in Thrall, Texas in eastern Williamson County. It was generously donated by the Stiles Family in 1961 to what is now the Board of Regents of the Texas A&M University System. The farm is managed by the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service as a living demonstration of research-based, profitable, and environmentally sustainable agricultural practices for the Texas Blackland Prairies. The farm produces corn, grain sorghum, cotton, wheat, sesame and operates a Brangus influenced cow-calf operation. In addition, the farm manages approximately 1,000 ac of Public Hunting Lands for dove and ducks through a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department lease program. Future plans include the development of a commercial horticulture operation, and continued wildlife and fisheries habitat restoration and management. The farm works with scientists and industry partners to create farm demonstrations and research trials evaluating new technologies, land management methods or equipment so producers can adopt the most beneficial practices. As the needs and goals of the people of the Blackland Prairies change, the Stiles Farm works to lead the way in new methods and techniques of agricultural production and land management. What makes Stiles Farm unique is the outreach and education efforts all happen on a commercially viable farm operation. Internship Goal Part of the Stiles Farm Foundation mission is to encourage and foster young adult participation in farming, ranching, and natural resources management. The internship program will provide participants opportunities to work in all aspects of the farm and ranch operation. This opportunity is ideal for the recent graduate looking to gain first-hand experience in their field, as well as normal farm/ranch work. Students with a passion for agriculture that did not have the opportunity to grow up on an agricultural operation will benefit most from this program. Example duties include working livestock, tractor operation, wildlife surveys, fence construction and repair, garden planting, herbicide application, equipment maintenance, guiding dove hunts, farm management planning, etc. Interns will be given opportunities to focus on their areas of expertise, and develop any special skills needed for future careers. Interns will be expected to develop a diversity of skills, while having the opportunity to hone skills related to their precise field of expertise. Internship Objectives 1. Provide opportunities to apply classroom knowledge and skills to real-life situations. 2. Follow management plans to achieve production and conservation goals (e.g. horticulture, animal science, wildlife, fish, etc.) 3. Provide hands on experiences associated with daily work operations of a production agriculture operation. 4. Work as part of a team of recent graduates to solve problems and manage the Farm for a multi-use, sustainable future. 5. Provide an experience to assist in transition from student to professional status. 6. Develop and refine real-world problem solving techniques. 7. Provide networking opportunities with extension, research, and industry experts in agriculture and natural resources management.
Eligibility Requirements for Interns: 1. Bachelor’s degree in an agricultural or natural resources field of study (i.e. agronomy, animal science, horticulture, or wildlife and fisheries, etc.) 2. Interest in a career in production agriculture, extension/agricultural education, natural resources management or related field. 3. Complete an interview with the Stiles Farm Foundation Manager and related Extension faculty, and develop an outline of goals and expectations for the internship. Job Benefits and Compensation 1. Provide free housing and utilities (valued at $600.00/month), 2. Stipend (starts at $400.00/month), 3. Food allowance ($100.00/month) Employment Timeline The ideal candidate is a recent graduate of Texas A&M University. Internships will be six months with the option of an additional six months from January through June and July through December. Changes to the timeframe will be considered on a case by case basis.
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