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Skywriter MD
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Company Overview Skywriter MD is a veterinary/medical scribe service provider dedicated to helping physicians increase the amount of time they may spend with patients, while decreasing their electronic health record (EHR) burden. We aim to improve the environment of care for patients, enhance care quality, and restore the job satisfaction of physicians by providing more time to focus on patient care. Description of Job A Skywriter is an extension of the physician, aiding in navigation of the EHR, order entry, and documentation of clinical notes. We are looking for part-time or full-time staff. Must be available to work in our office in Bryan, TX. Duties & Responsibilities • Assist the provider in navigating the EHR, (WOOFware) • Respond to various tasks as directed by the provider • Locate information for review (i.e., previous notes, reports, test results, and laboratory results) • Enter information into the EHR as directed by the provider • Research information requested by the provider • Ability to utilize multiple software platforms simultaneously, including Office 365 and the Skywriter MD application • Understand and commit to appropriate protection of confidential patient information (PHI, HIPAA) • Other duties as assigned by management
• At least 18 years old with a reliable mode of transportation. • Proficient in English; fluency in secondary languages is valued as well • Strong written and verbal communication skills. • Ability to actively listen. • Typing proficiency (approximately 45 words/minute). • Strong attention to detail. • Ability to learn and retain the spelling of veterinary and pharmaceutical terms as well as grammar and punctuation rules. • Ability to work in a dynamic, fast-paced environment that routinely involves exposure to highly sensitive personal veterinary issues. • Ability to effectively coordinate multiple projects and patients. • Ability to problem solve under pressure. • Ability to communicate and interact professionally with others. • Commitment to high professional ethical standards. Apply to the Medical Scribe position at:
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Kimberly C. Flores
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