Job Posting Guidelines & FAQs

Q: Is there a charge for listing a job?

This is a free job listing service provided by the Department of Animal Science at Texas A&M University. The current job board engine was developed by Texas A&M AgriLife Communications.

Q: What kind of jobs are listed?

Jobs posted here are related to the animal science industry.

Q: Who can post a job?

Organizations related to the list above. Organizations can be private, non-profit, government, non-governmental, or educational institutions. These type of organizations can post on this board even if the job itself is not related to these fields. For example, a non-profit conservation agency looking for a web developer. An organization not related to the above can post if the position is related to the above listed fields.

Q: What if my job, internship, post-doc, etc. is not related to the above fields?

The ANSC job board gets a lot of traffic from people searching for the Texas A&M Job Board. Go to to list your job with the Texas A&M University Career Center.

Q: How long does it take for my listing to appear?

Job posts are moderated by people who have other job duties, therefore it may take up to 48 hours for a job to appear.

Q: What if I need to modify or close a job listing?

Please send ALL job modifications to ashley.patterson@ag.tamu.eduAll users can only post jobs not MODIFY or CLOSE them. Please include title of job when requesting modifications.

Q: Can I search by state or region?

No, the search searches by title. To help more applicants find your job listing, include the state, country or region in your title. Example: Assistant Mill Manager – Hartley, Texas

Q: Can you keep my job listing on the front page?

Jobs are listed in the order that they are received. We are unable to “bump up” any listing. Users can browse by category and those lists are shorter. Please do not list the same job multiple times to keep it on the “front page”. This will result in the removal of all your job listings.

Q: Do you save old job listings?

No, there is a limited archive but only the titles of the jobs can be retrieved but not the important information.

Q: I have an application form, can I attach it to my job listing?

The ANSC Job Board does not host attachments such as PDFs or Word documents. Please include an url to any forms that applicants need.

Q: Can I use HTML code to format my listing?

Yes, you can use html code in your submission.

Here is the code to make a web address clickable: <a href=”http://yoururl”>Your Url (this is the part that will be underlined)</a>

Q. Can I list my job in more than one category?

No, it cannot be done from the submission form but contact a job board moderator (same e-mail as modification and closing jobs) and they can post your job in an additional category. Also, the moderators will add extra categories if they notice repetitive listings with job category being the only difference.

Q. How do I apply for a job?

Follow the instructions in the listing. If there are no instructions, visit website listed. If a website is not listed contact the contact person listed.

Category Definitions:

  • Temporary/ Seasonal Positions: positions that have a term of one year or less, the hours can be full-time or part-time
  • Full time Positions: more than one year, full-time hours
  • Internships: paid or unpaid
  • Graduate Assistantships: Masters and PhD
  • Volunteer Openings
  • Faculty Appointments
  • Post Doctoral Appointments
  • Fellowships & Scholarships
  • Part time Vacancies: more than one year, part-time hours
  • Student Employment at A&M
  • Undergraduate Assistantships: REUs can be listed in this category
  • Training
  • Grants

Form Field Definitions

Title: This appears on the top line.

Classification: Which category does your job fall into?

Agency: Name of company, organization, business or agency

Website: Can place url of application here or general business website

Job Description:  Describe the job here. Can put application instructions in this field or Qualifications

Location: Where job will take place

Salary: DOE, TBD, Negotiable, GS grades, n/a are acceptable

Qualifications: Describe skills, degrees, experience needed. Can also put application instructions in this field.

Start Date: Date when the job will start. It is confusing when start date pre-dates application deadline.

Application Deadline: Last day accepting applications.

Contact Person: Person applicants can contact. Generic terms such as information, Human Resources, HR are also acceptable

Phone: Optional

E-mail: Where applicants can e-mail for more information or send applications/ resumes. Generic e-mails such as are acceptable.

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